Civil law

We provide our clients with legal services in the area of civil law, in particular the law of obligations. Our attorneys provide legal services in this area, particularly including drafting, revising and analyzing documents such as:

  • purchase, donation, exchange and security agreements;
  • easement agreements;
  • future agreements and purchase agreements for sales of real estate;
  • loan agreements and broker agreements;
  • agreement for work;
  • lease agreements for residential and non-residential premises and forest and agricultural land;
  • documents ensuring the fulfillment of these obligations.

In the area of lease law we are prepared not only to draft and inspect lease agreements (which we would recommend particular to tenants, who often sign markedly disadvantageous agreements), but also to represent tenants or landlords in disputes over unpaid rent, the validity or invalidity of a lease termination, eviction suits or other disputes regarding the lease.

Our services in the area of civil law include protecting clients’ rights in court proceedings

  • based on consumer agreements;
  • in disputes on personality protection from affronts to human dignity, integrity and good reputation;
  • regarding compensation for damages;
  • inheritance proceedings;
  • distraint proceedings.

We offer legal services and representation in court and administrative proceedings, with collection and administration of receivables, including negotiations with debtors, filing lawsuits, representing clients in court, filing motions for distraint and representation in distraint proceedings. We work with distraint authorities in order to ensure fast and efficient enforcement of the obligation that the debtor did not fulfill voluntarily; the costs of the distraint are largely borne by the debtor.