Criminal law

We offer representation in criminal matters and can organize the defense for clients accused of a criminal offense, provide aid in individual stages of criminal proceedings or represent the injured party in proceedings for compensation of damages caused by a criminal offense.

Our services in the area of criminal law include, in particular, the following:

  • conferences and consultations regarding criminal law;
  • representing and defending persons in criminal proceedings;
  • agreements on compensation for damages in criminal proceedings;
  • representing suspects, clients accused of a criminal offense, defendants, and injured parties in criminal proceedings;
  • legal aid to suspects being questioned;
  • representing clients at the Police Force of the Czech Republic;
  • drafting remedial measures against decisions of law enforcement and criminal law authorities;
  • providing comprehensive criminal law services;
  • drafting complaints against a ruling to remand in custody, motions for release from custody, motions to set bail, etc.;
  • exercising and enforcing the claims of injured parties and interested parties;
  • exercising claims to compensation for damages caused by maladministration or unlawful decision on the part of the state;
  • preparing written submissions to law enforcement and criminal law authorities;
  • criminal liability of statutory bodies and criminal liability of legal entities.