Commercial law

Commercial law and corporate law form the core of the services we provide to our domestic and foreign clientele. We provide our business clients with consulting services ranging from choosing a legal form for their company and establishing the company to comprehensive commercial transactions to transforming, restructuring and dissolving companies. Our attorneys provide legal services in this area, particularly including:

  • acquiring business licenses;
  • establishing companies;
  • entering companies into the Commercial Register;
  • performing changes in the information entered in the Commercial Register, e.g. the composition of statutory and other company bodies, sale of business shares;
  • holding General Meetings and meetings of other company bodies;
  • increasing and decreasing registered capital, capitalization of receivables;
  • restructuring or dissolving companies;
  • debt collection and administration,
  • court and arbitration proceedings, recognition of arbitral awards,
  • representation in enforcement proceedings.

We can establish companies: joint stock companies, limited liability companies, general partnerships, limited partnerships or cooperatives. As part of this service we handle all administrative tasks related to establishing and creating the company (trade license, submission to the Commercial Register, tax registration with the relevant tax office, etc.). We also offer ready-made companies for sale and can provide registered offices for your business.

Our commercial law services include arranging all legal administration necessary for your business activities, taking into account your individual needs and requirements, in particular preparing contract documentation, including sample contracts, orders and business terms and conditions, in order to ensure that your business activities comply with legal regulations and minimize the creation of receivables or other damages related to doing business.

We can prepare all types of commercial contracts in compliance with Czech law as well as contracts in the area of international trade relations, in addition to performing legal analysis of contracts already entered into and proposing suitable hedging instruments for our clients.

We provide legal services and representation for court and administrative proceedings, debt collection and administration, including negotiations with debtors, submitting legal complaints, representing clients in court, and submitting motions for distraint and representation in distraint proceedings along with the selected distraint authority.