Labour law

In the area of labor law we can offer comprehensive labor law administration for employers (preparing employment agreements, including for managers, termination of employment, representation in labor law disputes, compensation for damages caused by an employee, etc.) as well as legal services for employees (e.g. representation in case of wrongful termination, termination of employment by the employee, recovering unpaid wages, compensation for damages, etc.).

Our legal services in the area of labor law include, in particular, the following:

  • preparing and representing employees and employers in labor law disputes, drafting complaints or other court submissions;
  • preparing documents for the creation of, changes to or termination of employment (terminating employment during the trial period, by agreement to terminate employment, by immediate termination, by termination notice, by expiration of the fixed-term employment, etc.);
  • drafting an employment agreement or agreement on work performed outside an employment relationship (agreement to complete a job and agreement to perform work);
  • stipulating the rights and obligations of employers and employees regarding termination of employment;
  • disputes over remuneration for work performed – wage and salary assessment, reimbursement for employee expenses, wage deductions;
  • compensation for damages, agreements on liability for loss of property (material liability), etc.;
  • negotiations for severance pay, disputes over agreements on improving employee qualifications, etc.