We provide legal services in the area of real estate law. Our attorneys provide legal services in this area, particularly including drafting, revising and analyzing documents such as:

  • purchase, donation, exchange and security agreements;
  • easement agreements;
  • future agreements and purchase agreements for sales of real estate;
  • agreement for work;
  • lease agreements for residential and non-residential premises and forest and agricultural land.

We can draft purchase or donation agreements for apartments, houses, and plots of land, as well as filing proposals to enter ownership or other rights into the Land Registry or other acts related to real estate, such as entering or deleting easements or other rights in rem, division or exchange of real estate, etc.

We also provide the option of holding funds in our attorney’s escrow account during real estate transfers as a guarantee that the client’s intended transaction is carried out in the manner arranged by the participants to the agreement. The advantages of holding the money in escrow are clear: the seller eliminates the risk that the purchase price may not be paid in full and the buyer does not risk handing over the funds before the change in ownership rights is entered into the Land Registry. The buyer can also ensure payment of the real estate transfer tax, which the buyer guarantees by law on behalf of the seller.

Considering the more and more frequent problems related to non-regulated business dealings of real estate agencies in the Czech Republic, we can (for a reasonable flat fee) review purchase or reservation agreements prepared by a real estate agency or provide other consulting services related to your real estate purchase. In connection with this service we would recommend that you send us the reservation agreement itself for review, since even it often contains a number of provisions that are disadvantageous to the client.

For housing cooperatives and owners’ associations we also offer legal consulting when calling meetings/assemblies, collecting the unpaid balance on utilities, and revising and creating contracts to be entered into with third parties (in particular revision of insurance contracts on apartment buildings).